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Energy borrowing
Token deploy
DAPP development
Security audit Report
Website building

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Tron energy borrowing

Tron Public Chain energy and bandwidth leasing services, low fees in the industry, for you to save TRX fees in tron public chain transactions or transfers.

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Token deploy

Provide TRON, BSC, HECO, ETH and other public chain token deployment, smart contract writing, code without security risks, more than 15 years of blockchain industry programmer. All can be audited by Vatin, Certik, Chain and other security audit companies.







Business content

High standardHigh demand

Smart Contract Writing
Token deployment/mine pool contract deployment
DAPP development
Security audit
Tron energy borrowing
Chain security
Price standard


1 -
Energy borrowing | 100 TRX 1 million 3 days
2 -
Token deployment | standard contracts, deflationary destruction of liquidity, cash dividends, dividends
3 -
Corporate video | 5000 CNY / 2 minutes
4 -
Corporate PPT | 4000 CNY / 8-15 pages
5 -
The white paper | 100 million/pp. 30-50
6 -
Project Logo | 700 CNY / 3 choices
7 -
Small video marketing | 300 CNY/a / 10 to 20 s
8 -
Official website | 5000 CNY (in Chinese), 6000 CNY (in English)
9 -
Financial express | 2000 CNY / 10 (tier 2 COINS ring media)
10 -
Audit reports | Vatin, Certik, chain Ann, mann fog, shield, etc (depending on the specific content of the code)
11 -
Batch air drop | eight TRX/address (TRON)
12 -
Fei xiao hao | 4000 CNY
13 -
Twitter | 200 CNY
14 -
Telegram | 1000 CNY
15 -
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Why chooseGEEK plotform

Multi-chain service platform

Geek platform is the only platform with multiple public chain services in the whole network, supporting TRON public chain, Binance intelligent chain, Huobi ecological chain, Ethereum chain, ZT chain and other businesses. Token deployment, smart contract writing, etc.

Elite blockchain related professional team

The team's technical staff are all from the world's famous blockchain-related majors, such as New York University, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Los Angeles, Princeton University, etc.

We have partners in more than 50 countries

Has helped more than 50 countries around the world, tens of thousands of enterprises project deployment contract, planning operation. In the United States, The United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and other countries with a number of partners. And Singapore Vatin, the United States Certik security audit company to establish a good cooperative relationship.


Professional team
Strong background
Singapore's Sequoia Capital led the investment
Lifelong after-sales service
24 hours online



Singapore's Redwood Capital leads investment (geek)

Geek Blockchain was founded in 2021 and is based in Singapore. To provide users with blockchain one-stop service, the platform has a number of blockchain research and development experts Distributed data experts, software engineers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts work together to escort blockchain. Our vision is to provide the most perfect and powerful services for the blockchain industry, and strive to develop into the most powerful one-stop service platform for blockchain

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